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Free card making template

Hi guys,
Card making is so fun! I love making it but most of the time – I am stuck for ideas.

Always a pre-planned design is very helpful. So better to pre design the idea into a template.

Here is one free card making template !


Wooden bead dangle earrings

Click here to purchase

Pink wired gold toned dangle earrings

This unique pair of earrings has been made using the wiring technique .A 22g gold toned wire has been used for wiring around the pink lampwork glass bead. The glass pearl has been attached to the wired pink lampwork bead to finish this earring

Click here for more details

Handmade green grape bunch earrings

Handmade green grape bunch earrings

 Handmade green grape bunch earrings

Wired Pink lampwork bead dangle earrings

Here is something very different earrings .Easy to make as well

Pink wired gold toned dangle earrings

Cute handmade Octopus birthday card

This has been my latest card that I made. I have drawn the octopus picture on piece of square paper. Pasted the same on black background paper . Then, I cut the slightly bigger square .

On the pre cut card, I have pasted the pattern paper in such away that the blue pattern paper covers half of the card. (Diagonally )

I have then pasted the octopus card topper, in a slightly tilted fashion.

I have used black ink to rubber stamp the quote , and added a few extras like the stars. At the end the very cute octopus card is ready!

Click here to see more handmade cards

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