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Online Marketing tip #1 – Tags and keywords

Hi All ,

Thanks for supporting my article ” selling online ” that i had posted previously .I did see that some of you guys even posted the link in your blogs. Thanks a lot for liking.

In continuation to “Selling Online” this time , i have created another category in my blog where I have decided to post a few tips for marketing and the following  is my first tip

Online selling is more of marketing and attracting traffic into our sites /shops etc.The logic here is more the traffic i,e more users see your site more are the chances for your items to sell

The next question is how to generate more traffic ?

There are quite a few ways
1. Tags and keywords
2. Advertise in other sites /blogs
3. Post links in Social media like twitter ,facebook ,you tube etc
4. Blogging
5. Feeds
6. Posting in sites like stumbleupon,digg, reddit,votehandmade etc

The main focus of this blog is about tags and key words Also known as SEO -Search engine optimisation

In layman’s words , SEO means to write the item description using words that have a high probabilty to entered by users while they search for things in google

The tags also enable to the search engine to crawl to your site .

In most of the online shops provided by sites like etsy ,Artfire ,zibbet etc have a field provided to enter the keyword tags .These tags are those phrases that are likely to be entered while searching in google .

Try this out:

For example try entering ” handmade ” in the google search bar and see what other words are suggested to you  by the engine

Enter these phrases into your tag section and you can notice that your site recieves a better traffic than before

The most common tags I use for handmade jewelry are:
-handmade jewelry
-jewelry makingjewelry making ideas
-beading patterns
-sell online
-buy handmade online

Tags for handmade greeting cards  –

-handmade greeting cards
-card making
-card making ideas
-card making designs

The tags given above are only a few basic ones , you can add more to this ..

Hope this information helps – happy marketing!!


Red glass and white glass pearl silver toned dangle earrings

I found these gorgeous antique silver toned 3 hole spacer beads online and I could not resist from buying them. Though I love them, these spacers were a bit too big for me to make bracelets. That’s when I had to design something out of these beautiful pieces.

I designed these earrings using the wiring technique along with the regular beading technique. Finally the earrings came out stunninig! !
Red earring
Click here to see more details


Wired winged gold toned green glass pearl earrings

These earrings are made using wiring technique. The wire is twisted to make it look like wired wings .Then glass pearls are made to dangle from the wings

Card making idea #1 : White “Congratulations” card

HI ,
Lincraft store had this massive and attractive Sale which ofcourse I could not resist.That’s when and where I purchased few beautiful stamps.I must say these clear stamps were really really beautiful . The very night before I forgot my ideas I made this simple “Congratulations” card


Step 1 : White card ( I have pre cut card making it easier.) IF you don’t have precut card ,the cut off 6inches by 8inches card stock (white)
Fold into exactly half along the longer length giving th 6 X 4 inch card

Step 2 : I have this red back ground paper with light glitter effect .I am not sure of what type of paper .Hence I will call it the background paper.
I cut a rectangle piece of background paper 5.5inches by 3.5 inches .Keep this on aside
Step 3 : I cut another rectangle piece of paper which is slightly smaller than the red background paper .For the below stamping use this piece

Step 4 : I used the clear stamp that I bought from lincraft to stamp the smaller white paper at the right hand bottom corner .
Step 5 : once the stamped image is nice and dry , I colored it using the water color pencils . Then pasted the red rhinestone /bling in the center
Step 6 : Then I used another clear sentiment stamp of “Congratulations” in the center of the paper .. Leave it to dry .

Step 7 : Back to the card stock that we made in step one .,I pasted the red background paper on the card stock ,Once my stamped images were dry,I finished the card by pasting the smaller white paper on red background paper .

That’s all .!! Is that not a simple idea??!

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