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Another Free card making idea with stencils

Hi ,
This is another simple card making idea where the card is made using the stencils.
The card is essentially made with 3 simple items .
1.Rose Stencils
2. texters
3. Rub-on which says “I Love you”

The card essentially takes only a 10 -15 mins to make .
All I have done is to cut out the required rectangular pieces (2 – black for background and white for foreground )which basically fits the card stock i.e. for layering purpose

Secondly I have drawn the roses using the stencils(on smaller white piece of paper) and coloured with red texters .Then I have outlined the using a black coloured fine liner pen
Then the rub-on has been placed on top of the paper

Finally I finished the card with the layering the background (black) and pasting the fore ground (white)

How to make your own card toppers with stamping ?

Stamping is fun . especially when one can get such cute stamps .
I bought these stamps from lincraft store .
These are so immensely helpful when you want create own card toppers .

First step: Stamp

Stamp the images with various colored inks etc . but ensure you don’t stamp all on one single paper
Stamp each image on papers that is atleast the size of small note book ..
Reason : You can then cut these stamped images to any shape or size for your card

Second step :
Let the stamped images to dry out .

Third step : Colour

Use sketches ,texters .paints .colour pencils ,water colour pencils . etc – infact any medium to colour .
Be careful not smudge the image .

In some cases you can skip this step, if you are stamping using colored inks etc or stamped an image that does not need any colouring

Final step :
Cut out the stamped image in required shape or size as needed ..for your card

Doing so , also gives us more card making ideas and also saves huge amount of time when you are actually designing or making your greeting card .

Freebie : Another card making template

Hi guys ,
I do want to thank you all , everyone who are reading my blog .I feel so motivated whenever I find one of you have liked my posts .Thanks a million , you guys are just great!.
As a small note of thanks , I am uploading another free card making template
Hopefully you guys like it

Handmade Card making – Purple colored “Thinking of you “ card

Today I want to share with you guys – my greeting card .

In my previous post I did mention about doodling . Yes this card has been made with a doodle .
While I was watching a TV show , I did some doodle draw of the picture of the tree which gave me an instant idea for making a card
So I re-drew the picture ,this time a much more neatly on a piece of good quality drawing paper with a fine liner pen.Then I stuck some pink and purple rhinestones on it.

Then I stamped the message “ Thinking of you” next to the doodle
I finally finished the card with a fancy ribbon at the botton.Since the ribbon was quite wide ,I did not tie a bow .

I then pasted the entire thing on a piece of dark colored pattern paper , then on to a purple card .

With all that , the card finally looked like this

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