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Love the bead caps!!!

Bead caps !! I love them .
They make my jewelry look so beautiful .. And lot richer ..It is amazing how some simple extra components change the look of the jewelry.

For those who don’t know about bead caps , this post gives a small intro to them
1.What are bead caps ???

These are metallic components which can be used on either sided of the beads , in making jewelry. Please note these are not spacer beads.Usually it is added on a single side of the main beads .hence the name bead cap

2. Bead caps – is it must to use in jewelry ?
No Not really! . In making jewelry ,bead caps are used only as a accessory and it is not a must .

3.Why use them then ?

It just adds the extra wow factor in your jewelry . The simple plain beads actually get a richer and sophisticated look .The bead caps come in various shapes ,sizes ,patterns and colours . You can find bead caps in cone shapes , flower shapes , patterned leaf ,filegree etc .The caps also come in gold toned ,antique finishes , silver coloured etc.

4.Where can I get these bead caps ?

Almost every place that sells beads , bead caps can also be found in the same place .

5.Where can I find them online ?

Here are some sites that help in buying bead caps along with all other jewelry supplies .One can find best bargains here 1. ebay.com.au
2. firemountaingems.com
3. eurekabeads.com
4. beadneeds.com
5. beadsonline.com.au and the list goes on ……

Please note that these are few out of many websites that sell supplies .Also bead caps can be purchased in etsy ,Artfire, zibbet etc sites too



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