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Wooden and glass bead dangle earrings


This is one of my popular jewelry making design.I have actually sold more than 2pieces of same earrings.
These earrings are  made using my “3 steps  to  make earrings” method.
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How to make your own charms using wiring technique

Hi guys,
Making wired charms is very easy and also quick. Items you need for making
1. 20 gauge wire of desired color
2. Pliers

Step 1:
Cut the wire of atleast  2inches. Longer the wire,  your charms will be bigger


Step 2:

Start turning one end of the wire to make a loop


Step 3 :
Turn the wire to make more rounds, leave enough length on the other end wire to make another loop


Step 5:
Twist the free end of the wire in opposite direction and make a loop


Press the edge to seal any gaps in the loop

Hola! Your wired charm is ready!!!


Swarovski crystal  earrings


Red coral dangle earrings

Christmas angel earrings by ChinniAbhi on Zibbet

Hi guys, Christmas is just around the corner. Time to start making lovely items like Christmas cards, decorative items, tags even jewelry
Like this one

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