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Antique gold toned swarovski chandelier earrings

Happy new year!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays!

Being the holiday season, it’s very hard to find time!  Guess I will always complain regarding time!  😦
Well yet I was able to make some more handmade jewelry -earrings  that is.


click  here

These earrings are made with swarovski crystals..brown and blue ones.
It’s simple jewelry making idea yet looks great mainly because of using crystals .
The shine and shimmer of crystals are always attractive .
Trying to make more of jewelry this year
Lets see how it goes!

Connectors – what are connectors ???

Hi guys ,

Today I am going to talk about connectors .In making jewelry the connectors do form an essential component. Very ideal to be used for making handmade jewellery for all skill levels , even ideal for beginners


Q1 : What are connectors ???

Connectors are metallic pieces which usually form the centre piece in making earrings mainly .These can also used like pendants in other handmade jewellery like  necklaces etc.


Connectors will look something like this

pic 2 pic 1


Q2 : Where can I find these connectors???

Pretty much in every bead shop. Craft stores and even online.

They range from colour to shapes and even number of strands .These are also called as multi strand metal components .

You can also find these connectors in online websites like


– eurekabeads.com.au




Q3 : Why do we use these connectors ?

These connectors usually are used to chandelier earrings  or pendants .

Like the one I have done here





Q4 : Can we make our own connectors ?

Yes we can, We can use the wiring technique to make own connectors .A 22 gauge wire will be very helpful to make some distinctive wire connectors like the ones below


Connectors really help in making some wonderful jewelry

Enjoy making handmade jewelry  more using connectors !





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