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New additions in my shop


Made a few earrings lately …just added in my shop



Check out my online store for newly made earrings!
Http ://www.zibbet .com/chinniabhi

Freebie ! – Time for another free card making template !

Its been quite a while that I started working on card making. I have been busy on making jewellery recently that I have totally forgotten that I was making some handmade greeting cards ..

The best way I like to make them is using a card making template.The template define a structured approach and hence will avoid confusion later during the making of greeting card 


Here is a free card making template that all greeting card lovers can use for their card making designs ..




Hope u guys have more fun – just like me !

New dangle earrings! !!! Simple easy jewelry making ideas


Making earrings is most easiest and most fun when it comes to making any handmade jewellery .

With just a few items, one can get numerous ideas and designs

The earrings dont have to look too fancy or expensive or dainty .
Earrings can be sweet and simple ..I found people like simpler ones more appealing .
Like these




Visit my shop to find more cute handmade dangle earrings.

My latest addiction – Paper beads!!!


I do remember making paper beads when I was in primary school and always knew how to make it .I  never had the least idea about how we can actually make paper bead jewelry with them.


After a bit of internet research, now it has become my latest addiction and made these

Gold toned red  paper bead dangle earrings



Antique silver toned light brown paper bead dangle earrings


Just having a blast with making paper beads!!

New beaded earrings in peacock feather style


These gorgeous earrings are my latest addition .
I have designed them to be like a peacock  feather .
The main important thing is that I was able to design this on the go.
I found a vedio in YouTube where the person was teaching a specific way to bead a motif .I used that technique partially to build this feather design .

click here to purchase these earrings

I did start with the center of motif as taught in vedio tutorial,  but instead of making a bigger motif pattern, I just ended the beading pattern halfway  to make a semi circular shape.
That ‘s how this ending design  emerged

Hmm, I must say -for a beginner -it’s pretty good! !!

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