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Just listed!

Yet an other paper bead  earrings listed in my shop. Making paper beads has become an addiction now! !! I must admit it’s so much fun! !


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Deals for this week! !!

Yes deals! ! Deals get even more sweeter when its is about handmade items

DEAL #1:
Lemon green paper bead earrings


Handmade cupcake birthday greeting card


DEAL #3:
Beaded tear drop dangle earrings


Last but not least
DEAL #4:
Handmade rubber stamped cute teddy bear card


As any other deal found online…these amazing deals end soon, … in another 4days! !!

Spread the love!  Share, tweet,  post and  buy! !!

Bronze toned paper bead earrings


I am amazed discovering the various ways that we can use paper to make jewelry. Not only jewelry,  paper can be used to make picture frames to hair accessories .
Paper beads as well can be made is more  than just rolling . There is paper mache method, weaving method etc..

Paper beads made using paper mache technique is quite easy as well.

This link gives you information about how to make woven paper beads

Then there is wavy cut method to make paper beads too. Same as rolling method,  just how you cut the paper is different in this method .

Also you can make paper beads using regular quilling method too.

Most important thing is to seal the paper bead using a good sealer irrespective of what method we use to make paper beads..

I guess the only limitation is imagination. Paper bead making truly amazes me!!

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