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Latest additions!!

With my smartphone, every aspect has become too easy!
From taking pics, editing them, online shopping, Facebook, tweeting and even listing stuff into my shop! Gosh!  Everything indeed .

God bless the guy,  who really created this little miracle!

Yep just few more stuff in my little shop



All these -on the go!

Great!! isn’t it? How easy?

Love simple stuff! !

I love simple stuff,  from life style to dress or anything!

Though dressing up is interesting and nice, it’s simplicity that brings out the natural beauty .
Something that’s natural is most beautiful! !!

Hence most of  my jewelry that I make is simple in style yet sweet . These earrings are just that! !!


Aren’t they sweet? ?!

Easy 3 step tutorial to make earrings!

Hi All

I know its been a while I blogged .Yes its been quite a while.

Work has been a bit crazy in the last 3months . Timelines .. deadlines ..and what not !.Returning home ,in the evening ,all I can or have strength to do is crashing .It feels so nice to just lay on my couch and breathe a minute .Unfortunately ,as a mom I cant do that ..

Yeah ..its just like any other working mom , I feel the stress  ! .

Yep that’s enough of my cribbing and complaining … !

Actually not everything is so gloomy ! Jewelry making and card making makes my day the best! Absolute stress busters!!

I always feel refreshed and nice after I do anything crafty..

Hence I did come up with this tutorial ,which I was planning from long time

How to make silver ball dangle earrings

Things you need

  1. Silver toned chain, cut into 2 pieces of equal length ,as desired
  2. Silver ball or round spacer beads
  3. Silver toned /coloured Ear hooks
  4. Silver coloured jump rings ( 2 in number)

Step 1 :

            Take one piece of the chain ,and thread the silver ball into it


Step 2 :

 Connect the free ends of the chain with a jump ring


Step 3 :

Connect the ear hook to the jump ring

That’s all !! Easy



Just try it out with varying combinations , How about using a big bead instead of silver ball?

Also try using tiger tail instead of  chain…

Well I know you got the idea !


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