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Latest items and new stock! !

Hi Guys,
I have been lately busy in making new items! !! So excited! ! My latest items are being made using the following ways

1. Paper bead
2. Wiring
3. Beading

I almost have sold my old stuff already!  Great isnt it?? This month has been very promising than ever before!

So have been re stocking  my shop




Crystals in jewellery making

Crystals! !!
Ladies love crystals! !! It’s wonderful add to any jewellery .
In making handmade jewellery, the use of crystals can significantly increase the look & feel  of jewellery .Just compare the jewellery made using normal glass beads to ones made with crystals!  You can see the difference straight away .
Crystals have that effect of sophistication.

There are a few types of crystals that we can get and use
    – Swarovski
    – Austria crystals
    – Czech crystals
    – glass crystals
    – CZ

Of all the above swarovski is the most famous and prettiest ones..
All crystals vary in their shine and clarity .The glass crystals do have a shine effect but they are the least shiny among all the other types.
The cost as well increases with clarity, shine and look of crystals .Hence swarovski crystals are most expensive and glass crystals are least

These earrings are one’s made with swarovski!



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