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More wired jewelry -Egyptian style earrings


As someone referred, internet is a huge source of information and knowledge .
It is indeed!
I found an online tutorial which had the above wiring design. The tutorial did share instructionsĀ  to make a wired bracelet .
I just reused the same instructions to make these earrings šŸ™‚

Tribal trend !!

When I started to make these earrings, I was not intending to make these in a tribal design .
After I made them, I showed them ti my husband .That’s when he said that these earrings had a tribal flavour .

Made with swarovski crystals, actually found these earringsĀ  to be quite appealing


Bronze toned! New color of my earrings!

Bronze is the new color that I have been trying lately . Its been interesting,Ā  foundĀ  and discovered new colour combination


Blue glass bead dangle earrings


Bronze toned paper bead dangle earrings

Need to try more!

Beaded motif dangle earrings!

I started this pattern as an experiment,Ā  to start a beading design with the 6lb fishing line that I bought.Though I knew the pattern, I was more worried about the finish and tension of the new fishing line .Thought that the beading wire would be either too hard or too soft/weak .
Very happy at the finish! ! Guess I will be stuck at beading for a while šŸ™‚
Try it out!Ā  6lb fishing line .!!


I have just listed it in my shop

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