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Life is beautiful!!!





Easy curved crystal dangle earring –beading tutorial

Items needed

1 .Head pins -2

2.eye pins – 2

3. 4mm bicones :4 for each earring the least .(you can have more beads based on your preferred length of the curve)

4. Tear drops shaped crystals – 2

5. Bead caps – 2

6. Ear hooks – 2



Step 1 : Take the eye pin and bead all the bicone crystals






Step 2 : Do not cut the eye pin yet! Once you have beaded the crystals onto the eye pin , bend the eye pin around any cylindrical object ( a white board marker or pen would be ideal) , to give a “C” shape .


Step 3 : Cut off the eye pin as usual and finish with loop .Make sure the loops at both ends are parallel .


Step 4: take the head pin , bead in the tear drop shaped crystal , bead cap. Cut off the head pin as required and finish off with  the loop


Step 5: Connect head pin piece and to one end of curved eye pin , Connect the ear hook at the other end of curved eye pin

Step 6 : Repeat steps 1 -5 for the second earring


A note of thanks! And a small apology!

Wondering what the thanks is for or the apology for? ?

The thing is you guys have been greatly motivating me to write better, useful blogs, for which I am always grateful ..

And the apology is for not being consistent with my blogging .Yes,  I have not been that good in regular updates .

Hence this blog, thanking you guys for great support .. and apology for my irregularity.
Will try to write more and entertain my friends

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