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What ‘s new on my table? !

So basically it so happened that I was surfing internet as usual, for various jewelry making techniques. Found a lot of articles, blogs and tutorials of  various jewelry making designs and patterns and techniques used in making them. One of them was wiring and wire wrapping techniques .
When I google for new methods for jewelry designing,  I find to searching by images helps me to get  a quick idea of  what I  want.

So at the end of searching I did see some new wire wrapping methods  and I couldn’t hold my self from trying.
I did end up doing these gorgeous wire wrapped dangle earrings



Comments on: "What ‘s new on my table? !" (3)

  1. Beautiful wire wrapping…. how do u avoid getting it dented while using pliers?

    • Thanks . Yes using nylon headed pliers helps me . Also while bending, if u have base, you can reduce having dents. Like for this one I bent the wire around a marker pen .

      • Yeah I read about nylon pliers in some blog. I should get one. I’m makimg wirewrapped cuff, a rage here in India. Now I just tape the tools n use marker or pens šŸ™‚

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