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A little about Vintage

Vintage – I always wondered what vintage meant ? how to do you classify something to be vintage or would anyone like to have vintage items .I can say I am a bit naïve when it comes to vintage .
I was watching the series “The Block” in national tv when I came across the ‘vintage ‘ term.I did so understand that vintage means ‘old’ .there was another confusing thing – that was the ‘Vintage ‘ word was used to describe a brand new poster that was used to decorate the wall !! it confused me as ‘how can an old item be so new’?? ? crazy question isn’t it ??
Well I did jump on to the internet  (as usual,typical J)to find more information .And this is what I found
What is Vintage ??
Vintage means either of the following
An item or thing that is old and belongs to a different era  .This item is produced in the past ,at least 30 -50 years before and now it’s a collectible item.Again the item is not too old to be classified as ‘Antique’
An item /things which is new but being designed in a style that mimics the past .. like a gown made in 1950’s fashion .
This blog “http://attireclub.org/2014/02/10/buy-vintage-things/” actually explains more about Vintage
My next question was “Why vintage ?”
The purpose of buying vintage , I believe  its all about having a
Seeing an cultural meaning  in that item
People do like Unique items  and vintage are ‘the unique’ items
Its been wonderfully described in this blog “http://www.britaindoesvintage.co.uk/why-buy-vintage/”
Hmm.. that’s only it .. I did also find this little online zibet shops where we can find the best vintage collection
Like this one – white and pink teapot

OMG! look at this collection of vintage clothes -authentic!!
Hoopties’s Shop Front
1950s Vanity Fair Vintage Peignoir Set Pink

Teen Size Vintage Dress Rose Print with Sequins

Home Decor – contd

Continuing  my last post about home decor… found more beautiful items for home..

Mod Glass Serving Bowl on Brass Stand

Circular Baby Blanket

Amazing  handmade items to personalise!!!

Home Decor – A little thought

This topic is way off my usual topics that I discuss about .Its one of those topics where one has to be very clever with colors .Yes its interior designing and home decor concept.
I only became aware of a few terms very recently ..that is when I bought our own place .Along with it came the task of decorating .This was when I just discovered myself to be very bad with colors .:(
I mean it I am so bad with colors. As usual  and just like every one else I started searching for information on internet !
So this is what is discovered
1 .Background colors – Colors of  your walls and floor .Tips was to have these sober /neutral colors .
2. Furniture – This needs to match up with wall colors .You can make it mono tone along with the colors of the walls or have a contrast.
3. Ascents – Now this is the interesting part . Ascents are nothing but the accessories and Ascent colors are the colors of these accessories .If you are having neutral colors on your walls and furniture then you can bring out bright colors with these ascents .
Examples for Ascents are : Cushion covers ,vases ,photo frames ,carpets ,throws etc
Current trend of colors include bright colors  like the hot pinks ,flame reds ,oranges ,lime greens ,aqua blues ,yellows etc ,..
Even a simple cushion cover with these colors can bring out a whole new look in the room
If its handmade – its even more lovelier !! and the look you get from these handmade accessories is even more personal and truly special!!
Decorative Pillow cover,designers pillow,Ikat Fuschia ,cotton 16x16
 Pink & Black Rug
Purple and Pink Spiral Rug


Pink Plush Bunny Rabbit



Every accent /decorative accessory that you keep in the house can actually change the look of the room.. 


Freebie time!

Another freebie for card making. It’s another free card template which can be used for making handmade greeting card.


This design has a bit of vintage look. Digitally designed for ‘anniversary’ occasion.
hope you enjoy it!

Colors of life!

There are so many things that make us smile. ..make our lives a bit more interesting. .fascinate us…amaze us!
There are also little things that make our lives more colorful!.. things we don’t notice.





Pink beaded rope bronze toned bracelet

Sorry guys, I have been a bit busy lately.  As I was trying to make this beauty of mine.
A beaded rope bracelet!!. Pattern of course is same but what I changed is just the type of beads used.



Hmm wonder how the bracelet will look if I used bicones instead of pearls??!!
Well that’s something to try !!!

Mix the techniques

Are you stuck for ideas?? Thinking how to make something very different and unique jewelry? I was too..
All I could think of making was the with same set of techniques of
1. Normal beading with pins and Connectors
2 . Wiring and attaching beads
3 . regular motif beading
4. Making paper bead earrings

Though I like all these jewellery making techniques, the jewelry made was usual stuff. .
It was then I started to experiment. .it tried mixing the various jewellery making techniques to make something different
And it was a huge success!!
I made red hoops where I have used the crochet work and beading



I used wiring technique to make my own connector and then used crochet work to make these blue crystal dangle earrings

I would be definitely trying to do more mixing. .for sure!
How about you? Did this tip help?
Am sure some people would have started thinking!! Happy experimenting!!

More paper bead earrings

As you know that I am a paper bead addict, I made these earrings with paper beads



Purple and green glass dangle earrings with wired connectors

I love these earrings! Purple and green look really awesome!
Handmade purple and green gold toned earrings



EASTER Time!!!

With Easter being around the corner and lives being busy than ever, online shopping is one great facility to most of us to finish our last minute shopping!!

And also to find the most beautiful things in the world that are not usually in a retail store.

Its also helps a lot of business to survive as well J like the handmade business

See the beauty of handmade is that every item is just plain designer styles – one of its kind , unique ,artistic and best of made with great love and care !! I bet you cant find these in retail stores – nope ,definitely not

1.      Hand painted gifts

Cups and mugs which are hand painted by MonkMama54! Perfectly colored and custom made for Easter !

2.      Looking for something sweet and cute for a new comer in the family .How about some cute hand knitted baby booties– best and allergic free –just plain wool! Made by Little Luxuries LLC !

3.      Ofcourse Jewellery ! Evergreen idea for  gifting a lady!  Colors or stones ! ,necklace or pendant! Anything is just right ! Find amazing handmade jewellery made by

Steampunk Necklace  by Papa Spivey’s Trunk

Yellow stone Pendant By LoC Design Studio

4.       Decorative Whimsical Yellow Silicone Trivet by Altecenterprise

5.  Accessories
Crocheted Table Computer

Pop’s Spinner Bait Deluxe 3/8 Ounce Chartreuse

6. Or if you are artist yourself then get some amazing stash here  at  All earring and supplies

a.      Lovely organza ribbon

b.      Patterned Czech glass

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