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Mix the techniques

Are you stuck for ideas?? Thinking how to make something very different and unique jewelry? I was too..
All I could think of making was the with same set of techniques of
1. Normal beading with pins and Connectors
2 . Wiring and attaching beads
3 . regular motif beading
4. Making paper bead earrings

Though I like all these jewellery making techniques, the jewelry made was usual stuff. .
It was then I started to experiment. .it tried mixing the various jewellery making techniques to make something different
And it was a huge success!!
I made red hoops where I have used the crochet work and beading



I used wiring technique to make my own connector and then used crochet work to make these blue crystal dangle earrings

I would be definitely trying to do more mixing. .for sure!
How about you? Did this tip help?
Am sure some people would have started thinking!! Happy experimenting!!


Comments on: "Mix the techniques" (2)

  1. Many sophisticated things are composed of (combination) of basic techniques… Thanks for sharing!

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