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A little about Vintage

Vintage – I always wondered what vintage meant ? how to do you classify something to be vintage or would anyone like to have vintage items .I can say I am a bit naïve when it comes to vintage .
I was watching the series “The Block” in national tv when I came across the ‘vintage ‘ term.I did so understand that vintage means ‘old’ .there was another confusing thing – that was the ‘Vintage ‘ word was used to describe a brand new poster that was used to decorate the wall !! it confused me as ‘how can an old item be so new’?? ? crazy question isn’t it ??
Well I did jump on to the internet  (as usual,typical J)to find more information .And this is what I found
What is Vintage ??
Vintage means either of the following
An item or thing that is old and belongs to a different era  .This item is produced in the past ,at least 30 -50 years before and now it’s a collectible item.Again the item is not too old to be classified as ‘Antique’
An item /things which is new but being designed in a style that mimics the past .. like a gown made in 1950’s fashion .
This blog “http://attireclub.org/2014/02/10/buy-vintage-things/” actually explains more about Vintage
My next question was “Why vintage ?”
The purpose of buying vintage , I believe  its all about having a
Seeing an cultural meaning  in that item
People do like Unique items  and vintage are ‘the unique’ items
Its been wonderfully described in this blog “http://www.britaindoesvintage.co.uk/why-buy-vintage/”
Hmm.. that’s only it .. I did also find this little online zibet shops where we can find the best vintage collection
Like this one – white and pink teapot

OMG! look at this collection of vintage clothes -authentic!!
Hoopties’s Shop Front
1950s Vanity Fair Vintage Peignoir Set Pink

Teen Size Vintage Dress Rose Print with Sequins


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