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Nature inspired natural handmade jewelry

Wondering what this could be?
Initially I was stunned myself to see these special jewellery. ..
What makes these handmade jewelry making very special
1. An eye for nature’s beauty -yes! To be able to identify and design the jewelry that can be made out of things occuring naturally in nature
2. It’s 100% natural -because these jewellery are made out of naturally found items like shells, wooden pieces, sand dollars etc
Painted sand dollar pendant red metallic gray

Crocheted doilies

Lovely doilies!! Definitely must have for this Christmas
Crocheted Green & Red Holiday

Support charity via handmade

I am very much moved by this artist who has used her talent to raise money for cancer awareness. .!!
Cancer awareness bracelet burgundy

I have recently come in touch with some great people whose hearts are more beautiful than the the work they do.

Guys you rock!

Felt crafts

Felt is a textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. Felt can be made of natural fibres such as wool or synthetic fibres such as acrylic.
Having said that. .crafters have a wide variety of usage of felts. .there are people who make beads out of felt, some use felt in making handmade greeting cards. .
There are people who use felt in decorative items .. However felt is also used to make delicate items which actually express feelings better than words. .
Hmm not getting what I am referring to?
Check out the lovely Red Felt Prim Heart

I know this little red heart speaks a lot!!!
Nancy Herzog is amazing artist and this is her creation. Lovely work !Nancy!

Cabochon jewellery with a twist

Did not know we could use cabochon in this way too!!
Red Coral Earrings Sterling Silver

Fused Glass jewelry

Interesting as it seems making fused glass jewellery is a..mm what to say. . A challenging technique of making jewellery
Its challenging (personal opinion) because its a method where glass has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F) and then moulding the glass to make glass beads or jewelry
And because we are dealing with high temperatures, I feel precision and precautions play a key role

Glass jewelry like Red Button Statement Fused Glass Ring makes me think about the amount of effort and care involved

Rose Petals Jewelry is one zibbet store where I find a rare mixture of amazing fused glass technique in conjuction with exotic materials
Geometric Square Industriac Cable Fused Glass Pendant Statement Necklace

Little Red Rose gloves

More crocheting !!..
My mom thought me to crochet when I was a young kid. . The wonderful aspect is that crocheting is a very easy.
It mainly involves
1. Chain stitch
2. Treble
3. Single stitch.

Well all I can say is that that’s how much I had learnt . However there is more to learn and try.
I would love to learn more about crocheting and be  able to make some beautiful works like Ronisboutique
Look at this lovely red rose gloves

Aren’t they adorable??
Crocheting may be simple to learn but there are some key points to remember. it’s all about practice and getting good at fingers. .
Well this one thing that will be in my bucket list to do.
Could be my next addiction!;)

Latest paper bead collection

Seems like my older addiction is coming back

happen to work with paper again to make paper beads
Cobalt Blue paper beads


Natural green paper beads with shades of black and pink


Ofcourse. .there will be more coming!!!

Zibbet Flash promotion -meet Onceuponaroll

Meet Rhonda ,an exquisite crochet artist. The crochet work done by Rhonda is really interesting. .they are really different from the regular patterns. . Interesting items as well. Her Zibbet shop of Onceuponaroll showcases her unique Crocheted items

Girls alligator purse, crochet purse, girls crochet purse

Girls Owl Purse, brown girls purse


It’s freebie time again.


Lovely pattern paper free!!
Can be used for background or as a pattern paper !!

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