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Proud of my daughter

I couldn’t believe when I saw my daughter designing her jewellery. .She made these gorgeous earrings!!all by herself



Of course I did place my request for another color;)
Guess I have a jewellery designer at home!!!!!;)

Lovely wooden red rose!!!

Lovely handmade wooden rose by ronisboutique

All kinds of supplies!

The All Earrings and Supplies shop in zibbet.com is an amazing one stop shop for various jewellery making supplies.This exclusive shop sells everything from organza ribbon to  beads
Burgundy Maroon Dark Red Organza Ribbon

Czech Glass Ruby Red Matte Translucent Fire Polished Faceted Rondelle

Sunset Dreams bracelet

This cuff is inspired by the amazing work of artist Scott McMillan – his piece is composed of recycled auto parts! The luscious blends of colors are a combination of silver lined and transparent glass. The gradations are from a deep purple to a burnt orange. The clasp is sterling silver, attached with transparent red beads. Copper tones in the edging beads further complement this bracelet.

Dress up with great handmade accessories!

Lovely handmade accessories!

Coral Red Flip Flop w/ Matching Earrings

Making your own earrings with charms !

In one of my very earlier posts  of  ” how to make earringsi n 3 easy steps ” ,it was explained how we could use a range if beads  and combinations we could make earrings in 3 easy steps .Extending the same ,this post addresses how we can make earrings using beads and charms in easy 3 steps

Step 1 . Take an eye pin ,insert a bead in .This is what i call the bead section of the earring.You may want  use a various combinations for this  like multiple beads ,spacer beads or bead caps


Step .2  : Close off by forming a loop on the open end of the eyepin.

Step 3 : At one end of the eyepin ,Join the ear hook. Join the charm at the other end .


That’s all ! there you go you can make some really exiquiste charm earrings like

Red Faceted Crystal and Swirl Charm Earrings

Red Faceted Crystal and Swirl Charm Earrings



Patriotic Fabric Pocket Tape Measure

How cute !?

even everyday things are made to be cute and adorable

Patriotic Fabric Pocket Tape Measure

Patriotic Fabric Pocket Tape Measure  Patriotic Fabric Pocket Tape Measure


Things like these make amazing gifts for occasions like July 4th ! or republic days ! Amazing !


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