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Seasons Greetings! !


Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year! !
Hope you all had a great Christmas! !

More Christmas shopping .. contd..

Continuing my previous post..here are more items for christmas !!

The number of handmade and  vintage items that you can find is amazing

Red and Silver Swirl Glass Bead and Jingle Bell Christmas Earrings A flock of 12 christmas vintage craft
Fat Santa Figurine Vintage blue Santa
Sparky Thai Angel Little White Fairy of Snow
Decorative Tassel made from Pet hair Christmas Cards -Adirondack Mountains
Holiday Watercolor Painting Print Christmas Friends Christmas deco mesh wreath
Nautical beach ornament set Elf on a Shelf Christmas Santas Helper
Christmas Wreath Heirloom One of a Kind Noel Christmas Present Earrings, 
Snowman Pair of Ear Cuffs made with Swarovski Crystal Pearls… Timeless toy box -Christmas Favorites Including The Night Before Christmas
Vintage Lefton Christmas Boy Large 6.5″ Elf Figurine Oversized Crochet Infinity Scarf
Crochet Beanie Bow Handmade Hat Two-toned Team Apparel Watercolour Christmas Tree art
MERRY CHRISTMAS – Embossing rolling pin for cookies For 2015: Fair Isle Personalized Knitted Stocking
Quilted Teapot cozy in Christmas wood photo frame rustic 4 x 6 wild
Steampunk Robot Christmas Card Baby cotton hat- Red beanie baby hat
Red and green candy cane leg warmers- Baby leg warmers Snow skier winter Printable 8×10
Printable Christmas Candle Light Red, White and Green Lampwork Holiday Earrings Sterling Silver
Handmade pincushion with an aardvark sitting under a toadstool  Cute mohair mouse on a pincushion
Stuffed cuddly Owl * handmade OOAK collectible art t Mohair Hedgehog (Art Teddy) O
Lilly and Grendel – OOAK art doll  Rhinestone Christmas Shirt featuring dazzling presents
Rhinestone Christmas Tree Shirt Tea Towel, Housewares Kitchen 
Pot Holder, Hot Pad, Housewares,  Coffee Cozy Accessories

Happy Shopping!!

More Christmas shopping

OMG! there is so much out there ..the more I search – the more I get to know

Vintage 1988

Christmas Music Box Duck And Bear Caroling


Airship Christmas Ornament

Rustic Burlap

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Card


Star fish


Stained glass

Candle holder


stained glass sun catcher


glass Ornament

Snow man


Ginger bread man

christmas ornament


coffee cup sleeve





Rein deer

holiday plates


red and green jingle bell bracelet

Blue snowflake


Silver hoop

Swarovski earrings


turquoise tree of life necklace

Vintage Folk

Art Santa- Country Holiday Decor

Snow Covered

Santa – White German Paper Mache Belsnickle Candy Container – Ino Schaller

There’s lots!! watch out- it will surprise you for sure !

Looking for Christmas items?

I know!its already Christmas time again . It feels like yesterday that I was writing about last year’s Christmas shopping list ! already an year has passed by !  Just like  last year ,  I am bored again with the mass produced items .. not that they are not beautiful or not cute or something .. But I am bored of the usual designs .. its feels like that I am copying the decorations used by  the next door person 😦

I so wanted to find something different .. and guess I found what I wanted .Look what I found from etsy  :-

Handmade Swedish St,Lucina figurine 3 Color Silver /Gold  customer order for earrings ,necklace and bracelet
Handmade Swedish St. Lucia figurine CUSTOM ORDER - Crystals from Swarovski, China, and Czech. 3 colors of your choosing. Silver or gold chain. Earrings, necklace, and bracelet.
Red crocheted  Santa suit bottle cover /Can cozy Snowman scrubby -kitchen scrubber
Red Crocheted Santa Suit Hot / Cold Cup Sleeve , Water Bottle Cover , Can Cozy  Snowman Scrubby , Kitchen Scrubber , Pot / Dish Scrubby , Multi - Colored Scarf  ds103
Rustic Burlap Christmas Magnets Burlap Christmas decorations
Rustic Burlap Christmas Ornaments or Magnets Burlap Christmas Decoration - Set of 4 Christmas Trees
Snowflake swarovski crystal earrings  Christmas felt ornaments
Snow flake swarovski element clear crystal Christmas Ornaments Felted Wool Christmas decoration wreath
Felt Christmas Trees   Snow flake 3-D Ornament
  Felted Wool Christmas Trees Christmas Tree Set with Faux Pearls, Blue Crystal, Silvertone Beads, and Rhinestones Christmas decoration Snowflake 3-D Christmas Ornament - White Christmas, Christmas Snow, Winter Snow, Winter Wonderland, Let it Snow
Christmas Ornament Set 1: Nativity Scene, Nativity Scene Triptych (Oregon Oak) Manger Scene,
Christmas Ornament Set 1: Nativity Scene, Town of Bethlehem, Wise Man, Shepherd Nativity Scene Triptych (Oregon Oak) Manger Scene, Creche, Baby Jesus, Nativity Silhouette, Three Wise Men
Shabby Chic Burlap Christmas Stocking Shabby Chic flower stocking
Shabby Chic Burlap Christmas Stocking, Shabby Chic Stocking, Shabby Flower Stocking, Burlap Stocking Shabby Chic Burlap Christmas Stocking, Shabby Chic Stocking, Shabby Flower Stocking, Burlap Stocking

And many more .. look out for my next post .More interesting items will be listed !


Handmade glass figurines!!

Meet Olga from Ukraine ..

An animal lover who has taken her love for animals to a different level! .Its not only her – her whole family! Wow!! great isnt it !?

They make lovely glass and clay  figurines (majorly animal ones -the ones i love the most) .. one can feel for their love of animals in the products they sell on etsy shop of “WeAreLuckyShop” .

This Mini elephant glass figurine is so cute that it can also be hung as Christmas decoration

art glass miniature elephant figurine glass figurine elephant glass figure a symbol of luck mini elephant orange Dollhouse Miniature

soooo cute isnt it ??!!

Wait there ‘s more !! There is little blue bunny

Glass Rabbit Figurine сute bunny figure


And twin fishes !!

glass fish figurine  glass figure fish aqua blue river sea ocean

and even a deer that is soo CUTE that makes me go ‘awwww’ over it !!

Glass Bambi Deer Figurineart glass animal figure yellow brown cute

And you know what makes these stuff special!!?? -Yes they are all  handmade!  🙂


Thanks to smart phones! !

I had a fantastic time with my family over the weekend.NO! – i was not at a party neither it was a get together nor in any sort of event.
I had just a quiet time with my family – it was just me ,my lovely hubby and even more adorable daughter . We just sat in a cafe overlooking a small lake , watching ducks and swans  and sipping our drinks ! wow! best time of all ..beautiful – peaceful and pleasant

My daughter and myself started the game of taking pictures using our phones ..we started to click anything we find and what we felt to be interesting .. just say it was an introductory activity to learn photography( yeah.. right!)

It was fun ! we started exploring various settings and modes that was available in our phones.. its so amazing to see today’s technology – in this case smartphones are so equipped that i dont need a photoshop software . I have a Samsung Note 3 – and I love it ! seriously love it!!
It has one of the best HD cameras ..the built in modes of greyscale ,oil pastel,cartoon etc allows me to take





Green crystal chandelier earrings!

Chandelier earrings!
Well I define chandelier earrings as earrings which has multiple dangles.. just like the real chandeliers!

Just like this one- Green crystal  silver toned chandelier earrings



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