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Thanks to smart phones! !

I had a fantastic time with my family over the weekend.NO! – i was not at a party neither it was a get together nor in any sort of event.
I had just a quiet time with my family – it was just me ,my lovely hubby and even more adorable daughter . We just sat in a cafe overlooking a small lake , watching ducks and swans  and sipping our drinks ! wow! best time of all ..beautiful – peaceful and pleasant

My daughter and myself started the game of taking pictures using our phones ..we started to click anything we find and what we felt to be interesting .. just say it was an introductory activity to learn photography( yeah.. right!)

It was fun ! we started exploring various settings and modes that was available in our phones.. its so amazing to see today’s technology – in this case smartphones are so equipped that i dont need a photoshop software . I have a Samsung Note 3 – and I love it ! seriously love it!!
It has one of the best HD cameras ..the built in modes of greyscale ,oil pastel,cartoon etc allows me to take






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