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Apologies guys! So sorry for not posting for a while.
2015 has started with a bang!!! Seems it’s going to be a very busy year.
I have been preparing myself for the craft shows that I suddenly enrolled ! ! It was so hard to put things together.  I guess having kids and work , getting time to prepare for craft stalls is quite limited.

However I did put my stall up (yay!!!!)


Thanks to Internet again!
The key points mentioned for  preparing to put a stall at any market was mentioned as below
1. Display stands.
-have them prepared before hand. Do a practice display at home.


2. Theme
– have a theme (which I couldn’t do well). Think and plan about the arrangement of items on the table based on the theme.
– collect  the required items and use them to rehearse.
3. Checklist
   -prepare the checklist of items that you would need to take to the stall.
– pack the stuff a day before the market
– sample checklist items are like display stands, items you made, table spread and theme accessories, flyers, business cards and even some supplies which can enable you to prepare stuff while sitting at stall.


It was an amazing insight that I would not have thought. .so helpful. .
I know I have been vague here but that’s the basic idea!


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