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Crocheted bangles -more jewellery making ideas

Beautifully crocheted bangles,Ā  a simple crocheting pattern to make crocheted jewellery




French knitting and Bracelet !!

French knitting is something I learnt recently and you wont believe how.. I ‘borrowed’ my kid’s craft stuff to learn it šŸ˜‰
However after a little tricks trials tripping over.  I was able to learn french knitting. .
This bracelet is made by French knitting then attached to a stretchy center piece




Guess I will be ‘borrowing’ more from my kid’s craft stash…
Wonder what else she has šŸ˜‰

More jewellery making ideas !

My new found love is to make combinations of different jewellery making techniques to start making handmade earrings .!
Another beautiful black,white and silver crystal earrings
Antique silver toned black and white crystal crochted dangle earrings


Again I have combined crocheting and beading!!

Red crocheted gold toned beaded dangle earrings

Hi , Making handmade earrings has never been more fun !! Combining different jewellery making Techniques is a very fun way to make handmade jewellery . These Red crocheted , wired and Beaded earrings made with 3 different techniques of
1 . Wiring
       The center piece is made by wiring method. A 20g wire is used for making the center piece n
2. Crocheting.
    I have used a red embroidery thread to crochet around the wired piece
3. Beaded
   The Final layer is a made by beading coffee coloured glass pearls .





Crocheted and beaded orange with blue bead earrings

Another successful project of mine. Designed in boho style ,these earrings were made from blue enabled spacer along with orange embroidery thread and blue glass beads



Double Crocheted crystal dangle earrings

Making these earrings was absolute fun..and it didn’t take me long to finish as well
I was so bored of using just one layer of thread work in most of my earrings. I needed to challenge myself with something different. .that was when I made double layers of thread work. .
Have used blue and green combination to make these earrings. .



Crocheted doilies

Lovely doilies!! Definitely must have for this Christmas
Crocheted Green & Red Holiday

Little Red Rose gloves

More crocheting !!..
My mom thought me to crochet when I was a young kid. . The wonderful aspect is that crocheting is a very easy.
It mainly involves
1. Chain stitch
2. Treble
3. Single stitch.

Well all I can say is that that’s how much I had learnt . However there is more to learn and try.
I would love to learn more about crocheting and be  able to make some beautiful works like Ronisboutique
Look at this lovely red rose gloves

Aren’t they adorable??
Crocheting may be simple to learn but there are some key points to remember. it’s all about practice and getting good at fingers. .
Well this one thing that will be in my bucket list to do.
Could be my next addiction!;)

Knitting Wonders!!

Knitting and crocheting is one of my weaker areas of expertise. I guess my fingers are still fiddly when it comes to knitting and crocheting.
Knitted or Crocheted items are the best gifts! Gifts that are usable in our daily lives, meaningful and reflects the affection and love to a great degree!

Chunky Pink Cowl

Crochet Baby Afghan

Three Button Scarf

Burgundy crochet purse

Lovely Crochted Rasberry Pink Doily

Baby bliss!!

I think the items speak for themselves!!!
I know they are just amazing

Sweet Tootsies Baby Booties

Custom Pink owl baby girl quilt

Girl Photo Book

Frilly Top with Tootsies hand knitted baby hat and booties set

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