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Selling online


Ebay – the best and one of the easiest way to start selling our handmade stuff. It is quite effective .With the recent offer where ebay is offering no fees for listing either auction or Buy it now types of listing , it has never been better

So ,coming to the fact how efficient it is easy to sell on ebay – I do think that there are both positives and negatives when coming to sell on ebay

Positives :

1. Easy to list

 2. Higher exposure to customers online

3 . No need to extra marketing4 . No need to set up an online shop in order to sell

1 .low profits

2. fees charged per sale

3. sometimes even listing fee .

The low profit margin makes selling handmade goods a heart break where many of the times ,one has to sell for a loss as he /she is actually bound to sell at any cost once a bid has been place

On the other hand selling in sites like Etsy ,Artfire,zibbet etc , the profit margins are quite good as there is considerable reward paid for the effort and labour put in to make any item.

Again in such sites ,one has be to a upgraded member and pay a monthly fees .set up a shop with banner and SEO quality listings .In addition one has to do extra marketing like blogging , tweets , facebook updates and use of sites like stumbleupon,digg, etc

Well this is a just a bird eye’s view for people like me who are just starting to make art and craft to be their business /profession .

The following are some online shopping sites


Since I started researching sites which are best suited for selling handmade the following are some sites which allow people all over the world to set up shops with them


Well there are many more ,but I have just listed a few . Will update you guys with more sites the moment I know

Also feel free to add in more sites



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