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I happened to bump myself into quilling.I guess it was in this craft show that is actually held in Melbourne every year . I was actually very fascinated with this art and started researching about quilling in the internet .
I came across so many blogs that had a very useful information ,step by step instructions ,tutorials and ideas etc .The more I read about the more I was attracted . It is one of the easiest yet very attractive art .

Next ,I had the question – What paper to be used ? I could not find an accurate answer.I searched to buy quilling paper .It was quite expensive too .For a few strips of limited colours – it was a bit pricy for me . I felt it was quite expensive to buy the ready strips of quilling paper. May be others might not feel that .The strips again were either too wide or in wrong colours .
Then I started the trial and error method to find out which type of paper that is best suited to quill .

I tried construction paper . This paper is quite good ,Downside was that when I cut a strip either by scissors or by cutter. It would end up have a ragged edge + whitish in color too .Hence when I quilled it ,it faded in color a bit .
Then I tried with normal printer paper , I still did not like it .Guess it was too thin . That could be because I usually like a bit bold stuff

Finally I tried the coloured paper of weight 80gsm ones .These were good as these did not leave white or ragged edges .When they are rolled ,they still looked bright !

Now I am just waiting to get into quilling full on  !

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