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Crocheted and beaded orange with blue bead earrings

Another successful project of mine. Designed in boho style ,these earrings were made from blue enabled spacer along with orange embroidery thread and blue glass beads



Little Red crocheted hearts

In my previous post, I mentioned Granny Squares. This post goes on similar topic of crocheting patterns.  Crocheted items like small circles and squares and hearts make amazing decorative items. .like you can use them to as card toppers to make your own greeting cards or you can include them in scrapbooking…
Use little crochted shapes to make bigger blankets or use them as embroidery to design your own dress
You can even use them in jewelry making.
Amazing!isn’t it???

Set of 2 – Cute Crochet Valentines Day Red Heart Appliques

Knitting Wonders!!

Knitting and crocheting is one of my weaker areas of expertise. I guess my fingers are still fiddly when it comes to knitting and crocheting.
Knitted or Crocheted items are the best gifts! Gifts that are usable in our daily lives, meaningful and reflects the affection and love to a great degree!

Chunky Pink Cowl

Crochet Baby Afghan

Three Button Scarf

Burgundy crochet purse

Lovely Crochted Rasberry Pink Doily

Home Decor – A little thought

This topic is way off my usual topics that I discuss about .Its one of those topics where one has to be very clever with colors .Yes its interior designing and home decor concept.
I only became aware of a few terms very recently ..that is when I bought our own place .Along with it came the task of decorating .This was when I just discovered myself to be very bad with colors .:(
I mean it I am so bad with colors. As usual  and just like every one else I started searching for information on internet !
So this is what is discovered
1 .Background colors – Colors of  your walls and floor .Tips was to have these sober /neutral colors .
2. Furniture – This needs to match up with wall colors .You can make it mono tone along with the colors of the walls or have a contrast.
3. Ascents – Now this is the interesting part . Ascents are nothing but the accessories and Ascent colors are the colors of these accessories .If you are having neutral colors on your walls and furniture then you can bring out bright colors with these ascents .
Examples for Ascents are : Cushion covers ,vases ,photo frames ,carpets ,throws etc
Current trend of colors include bright colors  like the hot pinks ,flame reds ,oranges ,lime greens ,aqua blues ,yellows etc ,..
Even a simple cushion cover with these colors can bring out a whole new look in the room
If its handmade – its even more lovelier !! and the look you get from these handmade accessories is even more personal and truly special!!
Decorative Pillow cover,designers pillow,Ikat Fuschia ,cotton 16x16
 Pink & Black Rug
Purple and Pink Spiral Rug


Pink Plush Bunny Rabbit



Every accent /decorative accessory that you keep in the house can actually change the look of the room.. 


Mix the techniques

Are you stuck for ideas?? Thinking how to make something very different and unique jewelry? I was too..
All I could think of making was the with same set of techniques of
1. Normal beading with pins and Connectors
2 . Wiring and attaching beads
3 . regular motif beading
4. Making paper bead earrings

Though I like all these jewellery making techniques, the jewelry made was usual stuff. .
It was then I started to experiment. .it tried mixing the various jewellery making techniques to make something different
And it was a huge success!!
I made red hoops where I have used the crochet work and beading



I used wiring technique to make my own connector and then used crochet work to make these blue crystal dangle earrings

I would be definitely trying to do more mixing. .for sure!
How about you? Did this tip help?
Am sure some people would have started thinking!! Happy experimenting!!

Time to get cozy

It’s almost winter at this part of the world. . And it’s time to get cozy and keep ourselves warm and snuggly..Unfortunately!its not my size :p

With knits like these , I want winter to come soon. .
Little Girls Handmade Lacy Yellow Cardigan, Size 4

Little Girls’ Sunny Yellow Cardigan, Size 1

More crochet wonders!

Crocheting is one of the most easiest method of making stuff out of wool.As far as you know how to make a chain, a treble, a slip stitch -you can make stuff like doilies, scarves etc ,very easily.

More complex stitches include half trebles, peyote stitch etc. Key thing in crochet is always the tension with which one can hold and weave the wool.
Once you maintain the tension to be same from start till the end of the crochet pattern, the final product comes out excellently good ,like the one made by Bundles Of Joy

Baby boy booties


Feeding bottle warmers


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