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Green hearts! !!

Green acrylic bead  heart dangle earrings! !


Pink lampwork dangle earrings

I love simple  earrings! !it’s kind of very versatile .
One can wear it with casual clothes or formal ones . It goes with evening wear  and trendy too.something like these ones


The elegance in simple jewellery is so appealing, which is not greatly found in heavy fancy stuff

More handmade paper bead earrings! !

I am so happy to share these pics . Very eager to share my latest set of earrings

Red paper bead silver toned earrings


Purple coloured paper bead dangle earrings


All these earrings are made using paper beads. After I  learnt making paper beads, its now become a great hobby!  Am loving it! !!

Black and bronze!

A set of beautiful earrings!



More wired jewelry -Egyptian style earrings


As someone referred, internet is a huge source of information and knowledge .
It is indeed!
I found an online tutorial which had the above wiring design. The tutorial did share instructions  to make a wired bracelet .
I just reused the same instructions to make these earrings 🙂

Tribal trend !!

When I started to make these earrings, I was not intending to make these in a tribal design .
After I made them, I showed them ti my husband .That’s when he said that these earrings had a tribal flavour .

Made with swarovski crystals, actually found these earrings  to be quite appealing


Bronze toned! New color of my earrings!

Bronze is the new color that I have been trying lately . Its been interesting,  found  and discovered new colour combination


Blue glass bead dangle earrings


Bronze toned paper bead dangle earrings

Need to try more!

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