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Beaded motif dangle earrings!

I started this pattern as an experiment,  to start a beading design with the 6lb fishing line that I bought.Though I knew the pattern, I was more worried about the finish and tension of the new fishing line .Thought that the beading wire would be either too hard or too soft/weak .
Very happy at the finish! ! Guess I will be stuck at beading for a while ūüôā
Try it out!  6lb fishing line .!!


I have just listed it in my shop

Latest items and new stock! !

Hi Guys,
I have been lately busy in making new items! !! So excited! ! My latest items are being made using the following ways

1. Paper bead
2. Wiring
3. Beading

I almost have sold my old stuff already!  Great isnt it?? This month has been very promising than ever before!

So have been re stocking  my shop




Latest additions!!

With my smartphone, every aspect has become too easy!
From taking pics, editing them, online shopping, Facebook, tweeting and even listing stuff into my shop! Gosh!  Everything indeed .

God bless the guy,  who really created this little miracle!

Yep just few more stuff in my little shop



All these -on the go!

Great!! isn’t it? How easy?

Love simple stuff! !

I love simple stuff,  from life style to dress or anything!

Though dressing up is interesting and nice, it’s simplicity that brings out the natural beauty .
Something that’s natural is most beautiful! !!

Hence most of  my jewelry that I make is simple in style yet sweet . These earrings are just that! !!


Aren’t they sweet? ?!

Silver toned peacock feather chandelier earrings!

Seems like the bright colors are back in season! !! Adding to it, the peacock feather has become the ‘trend ‘ currently in almost many items. The items range from cushions, quilt covers, clothing¬† and even jewelry .

Have seen in big chain stores like Divas, Equip & Lovisa, the jewelry is now based on bright, vibrant colours and most of them based on either peacock feather design or colour .

Following the trend, I based these earrings  on peacock feather design


Just listed these, now in my zibbet

Lovely green and pinks! !


Just listed in my zibbet shop!! I love the vibrant colours …

click here

Just listed!

Yet an other paper bead¬† earrings listed in my shop. Making paper beads has become an addiction now! !! I must admit it’s so much fun! !


click here to see more details

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