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Green wooden bead dangle earrings

Many ways to design and make handmade earrings!



More dangle earrings!

One idea!  But changed the combination!
Its surprising how beautiful the outcome would be



These earrings are made just like my earlier pair of pearl dangle earrings!
Same design but different combination of items!

More beading patterns- Beaded motif earrings! !

Motifs ..this beading pattern is easy and very versatile .. this is my third pair of motif earrings.


Handmade gold toned green glass pearl earrings

This fantastic and grand pair of earrings is made with dark green glass pearls and light olive green bicone glass beads .The earrings are incredibly light weight to wear yet very grand .
The earrings measure 4 inches in length and 1 inch in width approximately

Handmade gold toned green glass pearl earrings

Christmas colored red and green bracelet

This is a very gorgeous bracelet made with Red glass beads ,white glass perals and light green crystals .
The bracelet is generous 22cms in length and has antique toned circular toggle clasps .
Click here to purchase

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