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Beaded red pink and purple bracelet

Beading is quite addictive!!LOL! I know I have said the same when I started my paper bead addiction.
Truth is jewellery making craft is by itself very addictive. .
This bracelet marks the graduation of my jewelry making skills to the next level. .
If you had asked me a few years back whether I would attempt such a project of beading a bracelet, I would have definitely said no.

Happy that I am able to make a few complicated ones!!





Brown swarovski crystal and glass wired dangle earrings



New addition!! Lovely earrings made with wiring technique.

Very easy to make too.. I guess this was  one of my easiest projects.

Crocheted and beaded orange with blue bead earrings

Another successful project of mine. Designed in boho style ,these earrings were made from blue enabled spacer along with orange embroidery thread and blue glass beads



Where am I?

I am so sorry to disappoint my readers! I haven’t been able to post in my blog recently. .All my attention was focused on actually starting my handmade business. .just like many of others. .
I had to consult my tax agent to seek proper advise which was the best way to find out more about the implications of starting a business .
I did find out very useful information..
Just to list the same  in a nut shell – as follows
1. If starting your own business, you can get an ABN. If you are maintaining your activities at a hobby level then you don’t have to get the ABN.  The difference here is the intention.
2. Once you decide to develop your activities in a business mode, then ABN is the first step. You would need to get/provide TFN(tax file number) in order to obtain ABN.
3. If you are already having the TFN (personal one from your other stream of income) Then you can provide the same.  There would not be any impact to your tax returns on your existing income stream.  The income gained by this business would be taxed as additional income just like interest gain by a term deposit.
4. If you are earning more than 20k or so..then you need to register for GST
5. Accounting is very important once you have obtained ABN.

Again please note that this information is quite local to Australian laws..Please contact your local tax agent or agency to get more visibility and more details in regards to starting your own business.

Well that’s what I learnt over last couple of weeks. .
I am so excited to announce that I do have taken the bold step of starting my own handmade business. .
Have set up my Facebook store too..

Wish me luck !!

Double Crocheted crystal dangle earrings

Making these earrings was absolute fun..and it didn’t take me long to finish as well
I was so bored of using just one layer of thread work in most of my earrings. I needed to challenge myself with something different. .that was when I made double layers of thread work. .
Have used blue and green combination to make these earrings. .



Proud of my daughter

I couldn’t believe when I saw my daughter designing her jewellery. .She made these gorgeous earrings!!all by herself



Of course I did place my request for another color;)
Guess I have a jewellery designer at home!!!!!;)

All kinds of supplies!

The All Earrings and Supplies shop in zibbet.com is an amazing one stop shop for various jewellery making supplies.This exclusive shop sells everything from organza ribbon to  beads
Burgundy Maroon Dark Red Organza Ribbon

Czech Glass Ruby Red Matte Translucent Fire Polished Faceted Rondelle

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