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Baby bliss!!

I think the items speak for themselves!!!
I know they are just amazing

Sweet Tootsies Baby Booties

Custom Pink owl baby girl quilt

Girl Photo Book

Frilly Top with Tootsies hand knitted baby hat and booties set

Handmade Card making – Purple colored “Thinking of you “ card

Today I want to share with you guys – my greeting card .

In my previous post I did mention about doodling . Yes this card has been made with a doodle .
While I was watching a TV show , I did some doodle draw of the picture of the tree which gave me an instant idea for making a card
So I re-drew the picture ,this time a much more neatly on a piece of good quality drawing paper with a fine liner pen.Then I stuck some pink and purple rhinestones on it.

Then I stamped the message “ Thinking of you” next to the doodle
I finally finished the card with a fancy ribbon at the botton.Since the ribbon was quite wide ,I did not tie a bow .

I then pasted the entire thing on a piece of dark colored pattern paper , then on to a purple card .

With all that , the card finally looked like this

Cute handmade Octopus birthday card

This has been my latest card that I made. I have drawn the octopus picture on piece of square paper. Pasted the same on black background paper . Then, I cut the slightly bigger square .

On the pre cut card, I have pasted the pattern paper in such away that the blue pattern paper covers half of the card. (Diagonally )

I have then pasted the octopus card topper, in a slightly tilted fashion.

I have used black ink to rubber stamp the quote , and added a few extras like the stars. At the end the very cute octopus card is ready!

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