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How can I sell my handmade stuff ??? Have you tried this one?

HI all ,

In any business, there are always 2 key aspects-
one is making the item  and the other marketing .. or selling.
Just like most of the guys who make handmade items ,I am also struggling to market and sell.
I did read a lot of blogs, articles ..and explored and researched on this topic .The following ways are the most common approaches that every one suggests
1. Put up your own shop – I mean physical shop

2. Online shop  or website

3. Putting up Craft stalls

In addition these , Some other ways are approaching local gift stores , florists , shops – these guys actually would buy handmade goods.

I mean ,I was actually surprised when I sold my handmade earrings for $45 in total for a bunch of 10 earrings, also $20 for 10 of my cards .According to one of the florist ,even chocolate shops would also be interested in buying some handmade cards!.

I did find this approach quite easy and also quick to sell !

And I did find some success too

Give it a go ! All the best!


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