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How to make these twin dangle earrings? !

Very simple and easy to make these handmade earrings! !
This post explains how to make earrings
First of all you need the following items
1. 2 cloisonné beads
2.  2 equal length chain pieces ( gold toned)
3. 4 tear drop shaped swarovski crystals
4. 2 eye pins
5. 2 ball headed head pins
6. 2 ear hooks

Step 1 :  Make  the first piece of the earrings using cloisonné beads


Step 2 : Make the dangles


Step 3: Finish the ends of dangles


Step 4: Finish the earrings


And hola! There you go! 
Beautiful green cloisonné bead with Swarovski Crystal dangle earrings are ready!



Another lovely and interesting discovery

Hi, thinking what I am referring to?
Yes,  it’s another successful trial which gives me another wonderful jewelry making technique !

I use beading technique in most of my handmade jewelries.  Instead of using normal thread which is usually clear in colour,  have used a coloured embroidery thread. .
Result is my natural pink acrylic beads now shows up as a distinct pink with lovely orange mix ..this combined with green acrylic beads -gives a very vibrant pair of earrings! !




Now my next step is to trial out  this method with various beads and colored threads! !

Handmade jewellery making inspirations and ideas

Need handmade jewellery making ideas?? Are you trying to find some inspirations ?

Are you in need of techniques /ideas that you can use to make your own jewellery..

May be I can help.There are some wonderful sites that you can refer over internet.Trust me these are not the most known ones .. I have done some research around the same and found these to be some really unique ,different and interesting ones

1.      Crochet earrings


2.       Making jewellery by using the paper quilling technique


3.      Making Swarovski anklet.


4.      Tutorial on wiring – Egyptian style bracelet


5.      Easy rope necklaces


I agree these are not many but something to kick start our creativities again !

More wire wrapping!

Continuing to make more wire wrapping method to make earrings! ! These jade  earrings is one of them



Red coral charm earrings

This is one of my ever green designs . I have made these a couple of times  and people always loved these coral charm earrings



Paper bead earrings! !!

I am so back to my favorite technique in making jewellery! ..more paper bead earrings! !
Paper beads always give a chance to make some really nice earrings! !


Red paper bead dangle earrings! !

Deals of the week!!

Its time again to tell about the deals and offers !

Deal #1:

Yellow and purple crystal antique gold toned dangle earrings
Genuinely handmade crystal dangle earrings .

Deal #2
Handmade Blue coloured tube glass bead dangle earrings
These beautiful earrings are light very light weight to wear

Deal #3:
Gold toned red paper bead dangle earrings
Paper bead jewelry is one of the ways to showcase the paper crafts .These earrings are made with paper beads which are well treated and colored.

Deal #4
Gorgeous white “thinking of you ” card

Lucky last the last deal #5
Yellow and black paper bead stretch bracelet

As I said before making paper beads is one of the many paper craft techniques .

All these deals do not last long and not the offers to be missed out ! especially they are genuinely handmade!!
Support handmade !!

Connectors – what are connectors ???

Hi guys ,

Today I am going to talk about connectors .In making jewelry the connectors do form an essential component. Very ideal to be used for making handmade jewellery for all skill levels , even ideal for beginners


Q1 : What are connectors ???

Connectors are metallic pieces which usually form the centre piece in making earrings mainly .These can also used like pendants in other handmade jewellery like  necklaces etc.


Connectors will look something like this

pic 2 pic 1


Q2 : Where can I find these connectors???

Pretty much in every bead shop. Craft stores and even online.

They range from colour to shapes and even number of strands .These are also called as multi strand metal components .

You can also find these connectors in online websites like


– eurekabeads.com.au




Q3 : Why do we use these connectors ?

These connectors usually are used to chandelier earrings  or pendants .

Like the one I have done here





Q4 : Can we make our own connectors ?

Yes we can, We can use the wiring technique to make own connectors .A 22 gauge wire will be very helpful to make some distinctive wire connectors like the ones below


Connectors really help in making some wonderful jewelry

Enjoy making handmade jewelry  more using connectors !





Another bollywood styled earring

This is yet another pair that I made in bollywood style


click here

More jewelry making ideas using wiring technique

These earrings are one of my popular designs.
These are again made using the wiring technique


click here to see more details

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