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French knitting and Bracelet !!

French knitting is something I learnt recently and you wont believe how.. I ‘borrowed’ my kid’s craft stuff to learn it 😉
However after a little tricks trials tripping over.  I was able to learn french knitting. .
This bracelet is made by French knitting then attached to a stretchy center piece




Guess I will be ‘borrowing’ more from my kid’s craft stash…
Wonder what else she has 😉

Crocheted doilies

Lovely doilies!! Definitely must have for this Christmas
Crocheted Green & Red Holiday

Zibbet Flash promotion -meet Onceuponaroll

Meet Rhonda ,an exquisite crochet artist. The crochet work done by Rhonda is really interesting. .they are really different from the regular patterns. . Interesting items as well. Her Zibbet shop of Onceuponaroll showcases her unique Crocheted items

Girls alligator purse, crochet purse, girls crochet purse

Girls Owl Purse, brown girls purse

Knitting Wonders!!

Knitting and crocheting is one of my weaker areas of expertise. I guess my fingers are still fiddly when it comes to knitting and crocheting.
Knitted or Crocheted items are the best gifts! Gifts that are usable in our daily lives, meaningful and reflects the affection and love to a great degree!

Chunky Pink Cowl

Crochet Baby Afghan

Three Button Scarf

Burgundy crochet purse

Lovely Crochted Rasberry Pink Doily

Handmade business – bring out the colors

Having unique items always keeps the customers interested in our offered items. .
If the same item is provided in different colors, it gives a chance for the customers to be able to select their own color of the item which they like the most. .of course this is not always the case but is definitely a good strategy to attract the the customers.  Especially if you know which items of yours is popular. .

Just like these lovely wrist bands done by Knit Me Warm and Cozy. Not only the bands are unique, they are practical,unique, simple and beautifully knitted items, they are made in bright colors. .which make these even more likable. The customers also feel a sense of customized unique product too.




As a consumer myself, I would definitely like something that is unique and will like it more if I can get the same in the color that I want!!


Quilting looks or seems very simple .Actually it’s not that simple. It involves cutting the fabric to a good precision level and really good stitching.
It’s also quite tedious and time consuming job.
There are people who really can make really impressive quilts. .quilts that are really awesome.  I always wonder how they can create such beautiful and warm designs..
Check out the peacock designed  quilt with patch work !! Amazing!isn’t it?


and this one is best for kids


Needful things of Salem also has really some great stuff. . Almost everything. .! Mmm..seems like it is time for some shopping 😉

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