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Yellow cat eye beads with paper beads dangle earrings


Well, you see I am quite addicted to paper beads. .
These handmade earrings is  one of my latest ones!


Making your own beads

Don’t worry, I am not talking about making paper beads again. .though it’s my favorite.
This time I am talking about making beads using clay. There are different types of clay that are suitable for making own beads
1 . Polymer clay
2 . Air dry clay
3 . Metal clay….
And many more.
Out of these making beads from polymer clay is the most popular method.
Just mix,make  and bake steps makes it one of the easiest bead making method. Though simple, one can make very attractive beads which again makes beautiful handmade jewelry just like BobbledByCarols




Really beautiful and great finish!!!

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