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Marketting tip #2 : Craft stalls

I recently put up a craft stall in one of the local community areas .I initially was very sceptical about how my sales will go as I have never tried that before .I was wrong. Happy I was wrong!!.I did make decent money out of the stall – good for a first timer though.

In my opinion any business should be started small to establish confidence in oneself. I paid only $10 for the stall which when compared to Big craft market that are held, is very little amount.

I had put up this stall in one of the churches. I happened to browse through the one of local classified websites and stumbled on this ad.
Lucky me that I did get a place too!!Usually in renowned craft exclusive fairs, it’s really hard to get a stall.

I have been trying to register for specific markets from a long time ,50% of the times; they charge a very high amount for setting up a stall and have to book months in advance.

This trial of mine to sell in one of local small communities taught me some basic stuff about sell handmade items . I learnt that

– If you are trying for the first time , go small scale ( safer)

– Try community fetes /school fetes – no need to pay heavy amounts /no long waits yet profits are good enough to cover the least stall expenses and get some in hand. I did make about $80 within 4hrs which is not bad for first timer !!

My hubby actually encourages me in so many ways ! He is a great support!

He gave me some really valuable ideas that I could do while being in the stall

1. For Jewellery – to have some pliers and beads handy, make and sell then and there
—this idea was good , as I did make and sell quite a few that very moment ūüôā
2. If the customer likes some earrings say ,but wants in a different colour ,make it then and there – Customisation !!
— This idea was awesome one ! Truly fruitful!

3. Deals – be flexible on prices
– Some of the customers did actually buy more when I was able to offer them a deal.
4. Higher the price of the item- fewer number of people buy – Hence make more number of items that you can sell for lower price , and make fewer items that can be sold of higher price .
– This was absolutely true ! More customers do not think twice to buy something that is cheaper ,but are quite choosy when it comes to buying high priced ones .

Hence I made a large number of earrings ( which is my main area) in $2-3 range , which actually maximised my earnings . Also made some few high priced ones which I could not sell much as much as the other.

I do understand the pricing technique /method etc.I do know some artists may feel this is not right.I do understand the concept.

In today’s market ,customers /people are very reluctant to spend money. Usually people have an impression that handmade items are expensive because of their exclusiveness .Hence keeping our profits a bit low will actually attract them .I am not saying to cut costs or use cheap materials ,but suggesting to make handmade market more appealing and affordable .

And for the struggling artists , giving a tip to try even the most simplest market event rather than waiting for big exclusive craft fair .Smaller markets have – low competition , easy availability of stall space + low or no stall fees when compared to the big craft events .

I am sure I will setting up more stalls in future ūüôā

A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture definitely speaks more than a thousand words . I have been always suggested that I should edit my pic before I upload into shop.Trust me ,I never had an idea as how much the difference would make till I got my new laptop which has a basic media editor .Previous laptop did run on old version of Windows operating system ,XP I think

My new laptop had Windows vista ,which is very very good .That’s when I discovered editing the pic is not only fun but also great to see the effects .

For anybody who is as na√Įve as me and have no idea as how to edit pics .I have just listed below a few and very basic information /steps that one can do to improve your picture quality

¬†1. Brightness¬† : Though I took pictures from a good SLR camera ,my pics were still not bright as I as expected .That’s when I realised that I had to brighten them up “manually”.Hence increasing the brightness is the first and foremost and very basic editing .One has to be careful to while increasing brightness ,when increased more than required the image will look like a ghost.2. Contrast : This feature or should I say property does not show changes in the picture as much increasing the brightness does.This change goes hand in hand with brightness .Hence a perfect Brightness¬† and Contrast ratio brings out the best of the image

3 .Color saturation /Hues : This ,according to me is a very delicate property ,when done correctly gives the image a very good look .On the other hand ,a slight increase than required can change the color of the image totally .Similar feature is Color temparature .

4. Highlights and shadows  : This feature is good enough lighten the shadows of the object in the picture .It lightens up the shadows of the object in the picture making the background much more lighter

Then there is ofcourse other features like Sharpness which makes the image much more crystal clear.Just beware that anything done more than require actually spoils the image


Hope this helps :)RgdChinniAbhi

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