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Its time to shop for Christmas! !

Yeah! Its that time of the year again! ! Time to give , time to have fun! !
Don’t stress about gifts and decorations .. my next few posts will help in shopping decisions! !
Snowmen on a Blue Oil Lamp


Green glitter Christmas ornament earrings


Festive star Dangles Cookie cutter ornament earrings with silver jingle bells


Santa Claus Earrings, Christmas Earrings, Xmas Earrings – 1021


Felt Christmas Stockings – Set of 3 Christmas Ornaments


4 little bears and Christmas lights – a Christmas decoration


More items and ideas will be posted in my next post. ..

Home Decor – contd

Continuing  my last post about home decor… found more beautiful items for home..

Mod Glass Serving Bowl on Brass Stand

Circular Baby Blanket

Amazing  handmade items to personalise!!!

EASTER Time!!!

With Easter being around the corner and lives being busy than ever, online shopping is one great facility to most of us to finish our last minute shopping!!

And also to find the most beautiful things in the world that are not usually in a retail store.

Its also helps a lot of business to survive as well J like the handmade business

See the beauty of handmade is that every item is just plain designer styles – one of its kind , unique ,artistic and best of made with great love and care !! I bet you cant find these in retail stores – nope ,definitely not

1.      Hand painted gifts

Cups and mugs which are hand painted by MonkMama54! Perfectly colored and custom made for Easter !

2.      Looking for something sweet and cute for a new comer in the family .How about some cute hand knitted baby booties– best and allergic free –just plain wool! Made by Little Luxuries LLC !

3.      Ofcourse Jewellery ! Evergreen idea for  gifting a lady!  Colors or stones ! ,necklace or pendant! Anything is just right ! Find amazing handmade jewellery made by

Steampunk Necklace  by Papa Spivey’s Trunk

Yellow stone Pendant By LoC Design Studio

4.       Decorative Whimsical Yellow Silicone Trivet by Altecenterprise

5.  Accessories
Crocheted Table Computer

Pop’s Spinner Bait Deluxe 3/8 Ounce Chartreuse

6. Or if you are artist yourself then get some amazing stash here  at  All earring and supplies

a.      Lovely organza ribbon

b.      Patterned Czech glass

More Shopping ! More yellow for autumn

As always autumn has begun on this part of the world .. Hence this list of yellow !
Guess goes with seasons ..
More items just needing a reason to shop ..hmm infact do you need a reason !? these items are so beautiful that I guess you don’t need a reason to buy!
Happy shopping !
1. Vintage styled Ceramic Pendant
Light Yellow and Gold Vintage-Style Ceramic Pendant


2. Large Gold Hand-Painted Pasta Bowl
Large Gold Hand-Painted Pasta Bowl

3. Photo Necklace, Glass Tile Pendant, Yellow Pansy Necklace, Flower Jewelry
Photo Necklace, Glass Tile Pendant, Yellow Pansy Necklace, Flower Jewelry
4. Hand Crocheted Tunisian Stitch Yellow and White Stripe Roll Brim Beanie Slouch Hat

Hand Crocheted Tunisian Stitch Yellow and White Stripe Roll Brim Beanie Slouch Hat

5. iPhone 4 5 wallet case Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 wallet, iPhone wallet, book style, Samsung iPhone 5, flip cover – Tribal aztec pattern

iPhone 4 5 wallet case Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 wallet, iPhone wallet, book style, Samsung iPhone 5, flip cover - Tribal aztec pattern


Easy 3 step tutorial to make earrings!

Hi All

I know its been a while I blogged .Yes its been quite a while.

Work has been a bit crazy in the last 3months . Timelines .. deadlines ..and what not !.Returning home ,in the evening ,all I can or have strength to do is crashing .It feels so nice to just lay on my couch and breathe a minute .Unfortunately ,as a mom I cant do that ..

Yeah ..its just like any other working mom , I feel the stress  ! .

Yep that’s enough of my cribbing and complaining … !

Actually not everything is so gloomy ! Jewelry making and card making makes my day the best! Absolute stress busters!!

I always feel refreshed and nice after I do anything crafty..

Hence I did come up with this tutorial ,which I was planning from long time

How to make silver ball dangle earrings

Things you need

  1. Silver toned chain, cut into 2 pieces of equal length ,as desired
  2. Silver ball or round spacer beads
  3. Silver toned /coloured Ear hooks
  4. Silver coloured jump rings ( 2 in number)

Step 1 :

            Take one piece of the chain ,and thread the silver ball into it


Step 2 :

 Connect the free ends of the chain with a jump ring


Step 3 :

Connect the ear hook to the jump ring

That’s all !! Easy



Just try it out with varying combinations , How about using a big bead instead of silver ball?

Also try using tiger tail instead of  chain…

Well I know you got the idea !


New dangle earrings! !!! Simple easy jewelry making ideas


Making earrings is most easiest and most fun when it comes to making any handmade jewellery .

With just a few items, one can get numerous ideas and designs

The earrings dont have to look too fancy or expensive or dainty .
Earrings can be sweet and simple ..I found people like simpler ones more appealing .
Like these




Visit my shop to find more cute handmade dangle earrings.

My latest addiction – Paper beads!!!


I do remember making paper beads when I was in primary school and always knew how to make it .I  never had the least idea about how we can actually make paper bead jewelry with them.


After a bit of internet research, now it has become my latest addiction and made these

Gold toned red  paper bead dangle earrings



Antique silver toned light brown paper bead dangle earrings


Just having a blast with making paper beads!!

Connectors – what are connectors ???

Hi guys ,

Today I am going to talk about connectors .In making jewelry the connectors do form an essential component. Very ideal to be used for making handmade jewellery for all skill levels , even ideal for beginners


Q1 : What are connectors ???

Connectors are metallic pieces which usually form the centre piece in making earrings mainly .These can also used like pendants in other handmade jewellery like  necklaces etc.


Connectors will look something like this

pic 2 pic 1


Q2 : Where can I find these connectors???

Pretty much in every bead shop. Craft stores and even online.

They range from colour to shapes and even number of strands .These are also called as multi strand metal components .

You can also find these connectors in online websites like


– eurekabeads.com.au




Q3 : Why do we use these connectors ?

These connectors usually are used to chandelier earrings  or pendants .

Like the one I have done here





Q4 : Can we make our own connectors ?

Yes we can, We can use the wiring technique to make own connectors .A 22 gauge wire will be very helpful to make some distinctive wire connectors like the ones below


Connectors really help in making some wonderful jewelry

Enjoy making handmade jewelry  more using connectors !





Sell Handmade items online – 25 online sites

Online selling : List of 25 websites

In one of my previous blogs ,I had mentioned a few sites where one can sell handmade crafts and items .THis time , I am extending the list of sites which will help all of us to sell our products

1. http://www.ebay.com(or ebay.com.au for Australian artisians )
2. http://www.etsy.com
3. http://www.artfire.com
4. http://www.zibbet.com
5. http://www.ebid.com
6. http://www.quicksales.com.au
7. http://www.madeit.com.au
8. http://www.momswhomake.com.au
9. http://www.madeitmyself.com
10. http://www.gumtree.com.au
11. http://www.myowncreation.co.uk
12. http://www.misi.co.uk
13. http://www.craftisart.com
14. http://www.handmadecatalog.com
15. http://www.folksy.com/
16. http://www.dawanda.com/
17. http://www.icraft.ca/
18. http://www.shophandmade.com/
19. http://www.winkelf.com/
20. http://www.1000markets.com/
21. http://www.artflock.com/
22. http://www.silkfair.com/
23. http://supermarkethq.com/
24. http://www.crobbies.com
25. http://www.momsmarketonline.com

Please note that every single site mentioned above have their own terms and conditions and criteria for supporting handmade.Please ensure to read them carefully before you proceed .
All the best !

New swarovski crystal with glass pearl earrings

These earrings are made with swarovski crystals,where i have woven the glass pearls around the crystal using the beading wire.I then have combined them eith glass black bicone beads to make the dangle earrings.
black swarovski earrings

Click here to see more details


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