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What is background pattern paper?

Background pattern paper is nothing but designed paper which is used widely in various craft works. Background   paper or just pattern paper is mainly used for card making and for scrapbook templates. It’s mainly to give a base for the planned theme.
In card making,layering is a common technique used by many crafters. The designed papers comes very handy in this method.  The design of paper makes a significant difference to the card theme.
In most shops or stores we can find various pattern paper packs. These pattern are pretty …say common. There is always a need for new designs.
There are good designers who make very unique and special designs. .
One such pattern paper designer is Artsy Craftery , who makes digital collage pattern paper like this one


If you are looking for some new digitally designed paper, then I guess you now know where to look!!!

Free pattern design paper for Christmas!

I hope I am not too late to post this free background pattern design paper.




I know (oh no! Starting with “I know ” again )Ā  – sorry!
Yep it’s been a while I have posted a freebie in my blog .
Yes this gorgeous background pattern is absolutely free.
Download /copy- pasteĀ  this pattern and print it out …
Another small thing to inspire creative people!

White “Thinking of you” card making idea

I found this beautiful pattern paper which was transparent with white design imprint on it.
I so loved it and made this card



Handmade butterfly all occasion greeting card

Thanks guys for liking my previous blogs .I feel very much encouraged to write more

I once read in internet to one need not have too many items to create beautiful greetting cards.I really feel that is so true .

In this card of mine , I have used only the following items
– Card stock
– A piece of pattern paper
– Acrylic butterfly stamp
– Black stamp ink
– texters
– purple colored paper

Handmade butterfly card

I am also uploading a free card making template that I used for this card.

Though I have made my own card topper (i.e butterfly image) for making this card , one can use any ready made card toppers like stickers to give a different look to this card .
The shape of the card topper can also be changed from square to a circular shape and the card will look totally different ,not to mention various color combinations

This card making template is quite versatile and with minimum alterations and changes a very variatons of cards can be made ..

Since there is no quotation or sentiments written on this card , this card can be used for any occasion like birthdays ,Thank you card , anniversery etc

I guess I have listed one more item to play and explore šŸ™‚
Have Fun !

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