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Quilting looks or seems very simple .Actually it’s not that simple. It involves cutting the fabric to a good precision level and really good stitching.
It’s also quite tedious and time consuming job.
There are people who really can make really impressive quilts. .quilts that are really awesome.  I always wonder how they can create such beautiful and warm designs..
Check out the peacock designed  quilt with patch work !! Amazing!isn’t it?


and this one is best for kids


Needful things of Salem also has really some great stuff. . Almost everything. .! Mmm..seems like it is time for some shopping šŸ˜‰


Ooh la la pretty pretty!!indeed!!

I must say that this is one cute one stop shop!!
Cute cushions, tote bags and even handmade jewelry!! Indeed an attractive variety of items!!!
And best of all its handmade!!




Visit Oohlalapretty zibbet shop!!

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