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Flowers and Colors !!!

Its always the best way to wish anyone for any occasion. Flowers always have such  a sweet touch .


Lovely floral arrangements from Patiquefloral are just the best of all


Silk Flower Arrangements | Girls Room Decor | Bedroom Design Ideas | Table Centerpieces | Feathers | Fashion Pink in our Patique CollectionPeace Sign Silk Floral Arrangement Centerpiece, Home Decorating Ideas, Artificial Flowers Decor Accent - Peace In Pink in Patique Collection

Flowers can be original or fake ones ..like the ones made by Chayestamp

10mm Pink Roses, Set of 10                    



Aren’t they beautiful???




Home Decor – A little thought

This topic is way off my usual topics that I discuss about .Its one of those topics where one has to be very clever with colors .Yes its interior designing and home decor concept.
I only became aware of a few terms very recently ..that is when I bought our own place .Along with it came the task of decorating .This was when I just discovered myself to be very bad with colors .:(
I mean it I am so bad with colors. As usual  and just like every one else I started searching for information on internet !
So this is what is discovered
1 .Background colors – Colors of  your walls and floor .Tips was to have these sober /neutral colors .
2. Furniture – This needs to match up with wall colors .You can make it mono tone along with the colors of the walls or have a contrast.
3. Ascents – Now this is the interesting part . Ascents are nothing but the accessories and Ascent colors are the colors of these accessories .If you are having neutral colors on your walls and furniture then you can bring out bright colors with these ascents .
Examples for Ascents are : Cushion covers ,vases ,photo frames ,carpets ,throws etc
Current trend of colors include bright colors  like the hot pinks ,flame reds ,oranges ,lime greens ,aqua blues ,yellows etc ,..
Even a simple cushion cover with these colors can bring out a whole new look in the room
If its handmade – its even more lovelier !! and the look you get from these handmade accessories is even more personal and truly special!!
Decorative Pillow cover,designers pillow,Ikat Fuschia ,cotton 16x16
 Pink & Black Rug
Purple and Pink Spiral Rug


Pink Plush Bunny Rabbit



Every accent /decorative accessory that you keep in the house can actually change the look of the room.. 



Quilting looks or seems very simple .Actually it’s not that simple. It involves cutting the fabric to a good precision level and really good stitching.
It’s also quite tedious and time consuming job.
There are people who really can make really impressive quilts. .quilts that are really awesome.  I always wonder how they can create such beautiful and warm designs..
Check out the peacock designed  quilt with patch work !! Amazing!isn’t it?


and this one is best for kids


Needful things of Salem also has really some great stuff. . Almost everything. .! Mmm..seems like it is time for some shopping 😉

Ooh la la pretty pretty!!indeed!!

I must say that this is one cute one stop shop!!
Cute cushions, tote bags and even handmade jewelry!! Indeed an attractive variety of items!!!
And best of all its handmade!!




Visit Oohlalapretty zibbet shop!!

Handmade skin care products!!

How Can these be skin care produCts !!They look too good that I can almost eat them!
Luxury Body lotion bars from an amazing artist Ginger and Waldo designs



Find handmade Retro style earrings
in zibbet.com

Lovely Blue dangle earrings from Just cha Cha designs

Introducing here a fellow artist Just Cha Cha! Another zibbeter!
These lovely Long Aqua Blue Crystal Rhinestone Dangle Earrings are beautifully designed by Just Cha Cha, one among the many beautiful pieces.


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